Trusts, Estates & Probate Litigation

Disputes over wills, trusts, and estates can become complicated.
Fortunately, finding an experienced attorney to represent you can be simple.

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No one can ever be certain about, or guarantee, the outcome of your case until it is over.  But Jim has a rare perspective, not only from litigating on behalf of clients for over 35 years but also from serving as a trial and appellate pro tem judge, a neutral mediator, and an arbitrator.  This breadth of experience allows him to have informed discussions with potential clients about what is realistically obtainable in the then-known circumstances in a probate or trust dispute.  When there is mutual agreement to retain him, Jim proceeds to work with his clients to move through the litigation process in an efficient, economical way, reevaluating the client’s goals and the plausible outcomes as the case progresses.

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Understanding Probate Litigation

Learn what’s different about probate court and the process ahead.

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